Orlagh – A Not So Small Irish Lassie Living on the Gold Coast – 18 Nov – 24 Nov 2018

We arranged this housesit through Trusted House Sitters and when we turned up the afternoon before the owners departure we saw Orlagh through the gate. My first thought was “what is she standing on?” to my surprise she wasn’t standing on anything! Orlagh is the largest dog that we have looked after and the largest dog that I have ever seen. Her gentleness equals her size. She is just beautiful!

We shared a lovely meal with her owners that evening and the following morning they departed for their holiday. Orlagh has her own transportation in the form of a little Honda Jazz and this is used daily to take her to the nearby dog park. Her home is on the Gold Coast. Each day we took Orlagh to the park, she isn’t the most active of dogs but thoroughly enjoyed her outing. One lap of the park, then she would come and stand next to you to indicate that she was ready to leave!

Orlagh’s meals consisted of kibble & cooked chicken breast. Medication was to be given 3 times a day as Orlagh has some health issues. These were no trouble at all to give her. She is allowed on her couch in the home and is very well behaved with not going on any others within her home.

Responsibilities included:

Daily medications – Morning & Evening

Security of the Home/Mail Collection

Cooking Orlagh’s Chicken when required